Our programs are eye-opening, jaw dropping, and fun. Really.

From 5-year old kids to 500,000 employee corporations, we've been training "regular people" to stay safe for decades.

Our Active Shooter Seminar is highly effective and exciting. It's also a great team builder and bonding experience.

Active Shooter Response Training

We can tell you from experience that these killers will always exist.This program was created by a seasoned law enforcement officer with active shooter training. You cannot stop them. You cannot create laws to successfully keep them suppressed. They will find a gun, they will find soft targets, and they will do everything in their power to kill a large number of people. The C.O.B.R.A. Defense Active Shooter Response Training is designed to address this reality and to minimize the damage.

For more info on our Active Shooter Training, visit ActiveShooterResponsePlan.com

Stop Any Bully Plan

Here is a Proven System That Gives Parents Control Over Bullying

If a small fire started in the corner of your living room, would you wait to put it out? Would you sit on your couch until the fire got bigger? Bullying is just like that fire. If you do not deal with it quickly, it grows and consumes your family.

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For Children and Adults

The only reason someone want to take you to a second location is because he or she can't do what they want to do to you where you are now. NEVER go to a second location. We will show you how to avoid and escape abduction from a car or a grab.

Real Estate Agent Safety

This is not a general self-defense program. This program is designed specifically for real estate agents. 

Most people would never meet a stranger in a secluded house, but real estate agents do it for a living. According to the National Association of Realtors, 48% of all REALTORS© have felt physically threatened and uncomfortable during a showing. 

Our Real Estate Agent Safety Seminar is eye opening and jaw dropping. The beauty of the system is in its simplicity. You don't have to be big and strong. You just have to be prepared.

For more info on our Real Estate Agent Safety Training, visit SelfDefenseRealEstate.com

High School and College Student Safety

The transition into adult hood can be exciting and, sometimes, dangerous.

Your son or daughter may be on the brink of adulthood, but they have lots to learn about being an adults. While it seems that so many elements of his/her life are out of your control, the truth is, there are many things you can do to safely steer your teen through these years.

Self-Defense for Adults and Children

Much of our general self-defense is age specific, however we can adjust the program for any audience.

While adults may face more deadly attacks than most children, the principles and skills overlap a great deal. This is why we're able to teach adults and kids in the same class if needed.

Team Building

There is something powerfully bonding about learning life and death skills together.

Our programs are engaging, effective, and highly entertaining. Your team will experience situations and scenarios that may have never crossed their mind, but the shared adventure of those moments is powerful.


Clients Include

active shooter training
active shooter training
active shooter training
active shooter training
active shooter training

ABC News Reporter, Nicole Grigg on COBRA's Active Shooter Training

I have heard countless stories of what to do if there’s an active shooter and I have reported on them. It’s the same story each and every time. However, today was different. Today, I really learned something. This a story that could truly save your life. – Nicole Grigg, ABC News TV on COBRA Active Shooter Segment

  • Excellent instruction, very informative, hands on, answers all questions, made me feel competent. THANK YOU!
    Ashley Harbidge ROYAL Caribbean
  • Wonderful, educational for real life training. Would love the class hosted for children.
    Amy Yanow, Superviser Crew Claims ROYAL Caribbean
  • Very informative, learned steps to take command of the situation or at least to be more aware.
    Billy ROYAL Caribbean
  • Learned this strategy in one day! Everyone should take this course.
    Paula ROYAL Caribbean
  • I would recommend this class to all my peers, family and friends.
    Roseanne Lombaro Verizon
  • This was a great experience for me as a single 29-year-old female. I work late nights and come home late.
    Karen Q Verizon
  • This seminar dispels myths regarding the effectiveness of normal weapons that don’t work in “real life” situations.
    Gaye Moore Verizon
  • This was one of the most informative and enlightening classes I have ever attended!
    Cacey Verizon
  • We couldn’t find a course that would be able to train our agency officers until we found COBRA After the training our officers were very impressed with the course and what they learned.
    U.S. Department Of Forestry

Family Self-Defense Course

A Police Academy For Regular People

Ten Weeks starting in January

theChapel Building B
2795 Keystone Rd.
Tarpon Springs FL 34688

This course is ideal for families because it gives them a common language and understanding of real world threats.This is not simply a collection of "cool moves," but a complete system covering spiritual, mental and physical aspects of self-defense with a unique emphasis on scenario training. It's open to the public and is designed to be highly effective in real world situations where your survival is on the line.

Age 10+

  • Anti-Bully Strategies
  • Anti-Abduction Skills
  • Active Shooter Response
  • Teen Safety Tactics
  • Everyday Weapons
  • General Self-Defense and Myth Busting

Any questions or find out when the next class is: Email John Graden

Janet Graden

“I’ve never done martial arts or anything like it. This was great. I was amazed at how vulnerable to attack I was. This course should be required in school.”

Janet Graden
self defense team building

Instructor: John Graden

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