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1. Teach children not to answer questions or engage in conversations with adults they don’t know. Predators are manipulative and play “concerned” or “in need of help” when their actual intention is to abduct the child. Set a realistic context. A substitute teacher is different than a man in the park or in a mall. Keep in mind most kids are abducted by someone they know.

2. NO CODE WORDS! Most children are abducted by people they know. This is why it is a mistake to depend on a code word that only the child in the family knows. A divorced parent or someone who has even a remote acquaintance with the child may convince the child that they know the code word but forgot it. So NO code words. Just do not engage in the conversation. Run away.

3. Distance is the best defense. If age-appropriate, role-play with your child with you playing the bad guy while moving towards your child. Create the scenario that the bad guy is trying to get close enough to grab the child. Repeat this with the child develop a sense of the danger zone of being within arms reach. The reaction skill is easy to learn. Turn, Run, and Scream for help!

4. Again, if age-appropriate, discuss with your child the realities of the situation. If there’s a chance that a divorced parent may come after the child. It’s best of the child knows that and is aware of it. It has to be presented in a way that won’t scare the child but just put them on cautious notice. “Right now, you daddy/mommy and I have to work some things out. Until we do, you are not allowed to go with him/her. So if he/she shows up at school, run and tell your your teacher to call me.

5. Find a self-defense school to teach your child some basic escape skills and develop situational awareness. Practice the escapes and point our potential escape routes when you’re with your child. We have a page of video demonstrations on how to prevent and escape abduction.

6. If the child does get lost or separated, look for family or another mother with children. Or an adult female. A police officer and a security guard look alike to little kids and many a bad guy has been a security guard. When you’re out and about point good choices.


7. Teach the child that it can be dangerous to be off alone and not with your group. When you are alone, you can be grabbed/hit/attacked etc… stay close to us and/or your friends.

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