“Many agents don’t take this class because they think they’ll never be attacked. That’s like telling a child, “The odds of you drowning are so small, you don’t need swimming lessons.”

— John Graden, RealtorMag.com Safety Writer 

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Real Estate Agents are Attractive Targets

Successful agents are high profile. They look like “money.” Money attracts bad guys.

As a recent high profile real estate agent murderer was being escorted to a squad car in handcuffs he was asked, “Why did you choose her?” His answer was, “She was a rich broker and alone.”

A bad guy is looking for a soft target. That could be the agent who has shown properties for decades without incident. The bad guy has a plan and it involves either, property, assault, or perversion. We teach you how to prevent that moment.

What is the Truth About Real Estate Agent Safety?

“The nature of the real estate business can put real estate agents at risk because meet with complete strangers in isolated properties.

There are always a few homicides each year among agents, but in the past years, real estate homicides are rising sharply.”

Barbara Corcoran, Shark Tank

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Crime by Appointment

Most people would never meet a stranger in a secluded house, but real estate agents do it for a living.   According to the National Association of Realtors, 48% of all REALTORS© have felt physically threatened and uncomfortable during a showing.

Attacks Are Up

So many real estate agents are attacked is because their job requires them to be alone with random strangers.

Unlike other jobs that include working with coworkers, most real estate agents work alone. They also make appointments to show properties and advertise when they will be at open houses. 


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What is the COBRA Real Estate Agent Self-Defense Program?

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This program is designed specifically for real estate agents. Agents come in all shapes and sizes. Our program is NOT martial arts based. It is 95% strategic prevention.

With our law enforcement experience, we know that criminals want the easiest path to your possessions and/or their perversions. Our job is to teach you how to present yourself as a difficult target rather than a soft target.

Our program starts with some eye-opening myth-busting about self-defense. Imagine going skydiving with a parachute app instead of a real parachute. When that door opens for you to jump, the app is useless. You need a real parachute. COBRA-Defense is that parachute for your safety.

Once an attack starts, even if you can call 911, it will take 7 – 11 minutes for help to arrive. We teach you how to survive that critical window. You will learn how to be your own first responder.

“Every real estate agent needs to take this course. I’m surprised at how little I knew about self-defense. It’s like everything I’ve learned was wrong. Diana Davis

Real Estate Agent, Charles Rutenberg Realty

“I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I thought because I have a gun, I was safe. This has been a real eye opener for me. Great course. Jessica Bowen

Real Estate Agent, Charles Rutenberg Realty

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