Self Defense Classes for Children


The ultimate nightmare for parents is to have their child abducted. Rarely does that end up well for the child. We will teach your child how to prevent an adult from abducting him or her in a car, in a park or anywhere the heinous attack may occur.

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As much as a parent dreads the idea of their child fighting, the prospect of their child being beaten by a bully is worse. We will train your child to recognize, avoid, and defend against bullies.


We’ll teach you how to create a family plan that includes literally mapping out the times and places each day that your child will be in “shark infested waters.” These are the times when bullying is most likely to occur.


Sometimes children can’t avoid the sharks in the pool so we will help them to learn about the importance of body language and verbal skills that can help them avoid getting bullied.


Regardless of size, your child can learn to defend him or herself. Defending can be as simple as stepping back out of arms reach to escapes from headlocks or chokes