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How Important is Your Personal Safety?

The most important insurance you can buy is self-defense.

The content and format of Cobra-Defense is closely based upon law enforcement training. Though there are elements of the martial arts within Cobra, this is not a martial arts program.

Cobra was designed to replicate the Police Academy Training structure. The Police Academy is proven to take people from different walks of life and transform them into a self-defense and criminal experts within weeks.

The Cobra-Defense system is like a Police Academy for Regular People. The program is flexible and can be taught in a one-hour workshop or a ten-week academy. We have programs that are specific to adults, children, real-estate agents, attorneys, executives, organizations, and corporations.

  • This is not martial arts. No uniforms, belts, or bowing.
  • No experience required.
  • Most people shut down under stress. You will learn to stay in control.
  • Our 5-Week Course is a Police Academy For Civilians
  • Your safety is your birthright. This is how you protect that right.

Live Scenario Training Conditions You to Maintain Control Under Stress