Self-Defense and Safety Seminars
for Real Estate Agents

Watch a segment from our Self Defense and Safety Seminar for Real Estate Agents

self defense for real estate agents

USA Self-Defense
Tampa Bay, Florida

Attacking a Real Estate Agent is Violent Crime by Appointment

"She was a rich broker and she was alone." -- Words of real estate agent, Beverly Carter's killer. 

Seminar Topics

    • The psychology of self-defense 
    • Property showing safety checklist
    • Understanding the mindset of a sociopath or psychopath
    • Why your phone will not save you
    • Why an app will not save you
    • How to deter a potential attacker without violence or confrontation
    • How to plant effective, defensive weapons in the property that look like normal items
    • How to show a property the safe way
    • How to reduce your risk as an attack target
    • How to be safe when meeting a client directly
    • How to prevent abduction
    • Advertising does and don’ts
    • Social media considerations
    • How to remove a gun or knife threat
    • Why carrying a gun into the house may be a terrible idea
    • What weapons can be useful and effective
    • How to choose an effective self-defense weapon or tool(NOTE: This is not a Powerpoint presentation. Our workshops are interactive with exciting demonstrations.